XMAF-1102vg Valkyrie Gust, drawn by John Nigel

XMAF-1102vg Valkyrie Gust

Prototype Multi-Environment Tactical Fighter
Model Number: XMAF-1102vg
Namesake: Valkyrie Gust
First Deployment:
Developed From:
  • 1 x damaged VF-1S Valkyrie unit
  • GN-003 Kyrios Gundam parts and scraps
Manufacturer: Anaheim Electronics Black Wing Division
Operator: Amber Leigh La Flaga
Known Pilot(s):
Overall Height: 4.65 meters
Empty Weight: 13,250 kg
Maximum Weight: 57,000 kg
  • 1 x ultracompact fission reactor, power output rating 5772 kW
  • 2 x Particle converter /condenser
  • 2 x GN main thrusters
  • 1 x AE Heavy Industry super vernier thruster
Optional Propulsion:
  • 2 x Atmospheric Escape GN boosters attachments - mounted below the main GN thrusters
Hovering System:
  • 2 x GN thrusters, below the front wings
  • 2 x GN thrusters, below the rear assembly
  • 10 x apogee motors
Atmospheric G-limits:

+3 G

Space G-limits: +8 G
Sensor Range: 16500 meters
Accommodation: Pilot and navigator, in standard canopy style cockpit
  • E-carbon composite
  • Macross technology armor padding
OS: AE mobile Weaponry Interface v.3.5

XMAF-1102vg Valkyrie Gust is a mobile armor featured in the fan fiction MS Gundam: THE LOST CENTURY Interquel story arc. It is piloted by Amber Leigh La Flaga after her LL-MA2mod.37 Moebius Adelphe was destroyed in battle.

Weapons and Armaments:

  • 1 x "Sango Yasha" twin barreled hyper beam rifle - mounted below the main body; identical to "Gungnir" twin barreled hyper beam rifle of OZ-1115+MBF01 Astraeus Blaze; can also be configured to function as a turret.
  • 1 x "Caliburn" neutron particle cannon
  • 2 x Anti-missile machine guns - one mounted below the nose cone, one mounted above the hyper beam rifle
  • 10 x Missile pods - stored in the hover system

Equipment and Design Features:

  • H.A.R.O. FIELD or H-Field - short for hyper anti-beam repelling orb, it is a beam energy dispersal field generated intended for defense against beam energy-based weaponry. H-Field functions by dispersing and forming Minovsky particles into an array of expanding spherical pulses that can be adjusted in terms of area span. By continually dispersing the particles into spherical pulses, an orb-like field is generated that negates beam-based weaponry.
  • Decoy Flares - an atmospheric infrared countermeasure to counter an infrared homing ("heat seeking") surface-to-air missile or air-to-air missile.
  • G-Dampener
  • Particle condenser
  • V-fin Radar System - an improved active electronically scanned array (AESA) radar, composed of more than 30 antennas blended into the wings and fuselage that provide all around coverage. Designed by Knight himself, the V-fin radar system is effective for air superiority and strike operations and features a low-observable, active-aperture, electronically-scanned array that can track multiple targets in any weather. it is programmed to change frequencies more than 1,000 times per second to reduce the chance of being intercepted. The radar can also focus its emissions to overload enemy sensors, giving the aircraft an electronic-attack capability.
  • Atmospheric Escape GN Boosters - mounted below the main GN thrusters, enabling the Valkyrie Gust for atmospheric exit.
  • Ballute - parachute braking device that is optimized for use at high altitudes and high supersonic velocities, especially during atmospheric re-entry.
  • Hovering System


Knight gave this unit to Amber Leigh La Flaga after her LL-MA2mod.37 Moebius Adelphe was destroyed in a decisive battle.


GunPla Modification Images:


Valkyrie Gust


Valkyrie Gust


Valkyrie Gust


Valkyrie Gust


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