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DOM Giga Zange, drawing by Keith Chan Kwan Kit

NEU-01.K.N DOM Giga Zange
Ground-use tactical offense mobile suit
Model Number: NEU-01.K.N
Namesake: DOM Giga Zange
Developed from: MS-09B DOM
First Deployment:

LC 0043

Manufacturer: Royal Zeon Persia Base
Operator: NEU
Known Pilots: Keith Newman
Overall Height: 19.6 meters
Empty Weight: 69.1 metric tons
Maximum Weight: 88.3 metric tons

Minovsky Fusion Reactor Ver2.9, output rating 6700 kW

  • 3 x modifed Minovsky Drive thrusters
  • 10 x rocket thrusters
  • 19 x vernier thrusters
Maximum Acceleration: unknown
Sensor Range: Unknown
Accomodation: Pilot only, in cockpit on torso
Armor: Modified Gundarium alloy Ex. T5
OS: Not applicable

NEU-01.K.N DOM Giga Zange is a mobile suit featured in the fan fiction MS GUNDAM: The Lost Century Interquel story arc. It is operated by NEU with Keith Newman as its pilot.

Weapons and Armaments:Edit

Equipment and Design Features:Edit



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