Story Plot:

The year is Lost Century 0044. It had been forty-four years since the War of Pride, where an imminent conflict arose between the coalition of earth sphere nations and those who live in space. Those on earth had formed the Earth Federation with the Earth Militaire as an entirely separate entity that was responsible of maintaining order among the member nations.

The other side of the conflict is composed of several earth sphere nations and the space colonies who formed the Royal Zeon Empire. The empire rose to its power entirely independent from the Earth Federation three years before the world adapted the Lost Century timeline because of the conflict, which could largely be attributed by the fact that the space colonies had been using up enormous and valuable resources on earth, which by that time were growing scarce due to the proliferation of man's population and the improper environmental stewardship. Since the space colonies were given lesser priority to earth's remaining natural resources, they declared independence from the Federation and started to govern among themselves.

Characters and Factions:

Royal Zeon Empire

  1. Claude Ashram
  2. Magnus Alexandersson
  3. Piotr Heimlich
  4. Phobos Bartram
  5. Aya Creuset
  6. Richard Testarossa
  7. Adrian Zowih Frost
  8. Chitz Justaway
  9. Lucien Asuka
  10. Sheila Lou Asuka
  11. Shiro Amadasuka
  12. Shinn Amadasuka

Earth Federation

  1. Carlos Zeiss
  2. Litzner Edge
  3. Nazzir Moin
  4. Svetlana Kurdovkova
  5. Ricardo Ismail

Anaheim Electronics Black Wing Division

  1. Derf Dorough
  2. Knight
  3. Diko Sidhikoro
  4. Tomino Lexxis
  5. Nadia McTaggart
  6. Xihei Chen
  7. Metzer Cruze
  8. Abacus
  9. Raijin Oleg

La Flaga Institute

  1. Jonathan La Flaga
  2. Amber Leigh La Flaga
  3. Raba Lue
  4. Jante Dre


  1. Keith Newman
  2. Nouveau Gardien


  1. Drake Howling
  2. Diko Sidhikoro
  3. Amber Leigh La Flaga
  4. Freed Melendrez
  5. Blau Binder
  6. Talbot Carm
  7. Mudd Blake

The Pirates

  1. Astis F. Arno
  2. Rojo Cnidus
  3. Ricardo Ismail

Lost Century Chapters:

Season One

  1. Episode 01 - Flight
  2. Episode 02 - Betrayal
  3. Episode 03 - Reentry
  4. Episode 04 - Gust
  5. Episode 05 - Clash
  6. Episode 06 - Irony
  7. Episode 07 - Cyclone
  8. Episode 08 - Enemy
  9. Episode 09 - Friend
  10. Episode 10 - Choice
  11. Episode 11 - Star-crossed
  12. Episode 12 - Hopeless
  13. Episode 13 - United
  14. Episode 13 Epilogue - The Easiest Thing To Fake
  15. Episode 14 - Alliance
  16. Episode 15 - Season One Finale

Season Two

Lost Century Side Stories

  1. Hero In The Making (Freed Melendrez)
  2. The Knight's Move (Knight)
  3. The Beginning, Chapter 1 (Keith Newman)
  4. The Beginning, Chapter 2 (Keith Newman)
  5. Memory (Zyann Nigel)
  6. Zypher (Chitz Justaway)
  7. Pirate of Tragedy (Astis F. Arno)



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