Alexiel Ray

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Genetic Type:

Centennial Generation Newtype
Hair Color: Blond
Eye Color:
Age: 16 years old
Date of Birth: September 20, 0028 LC
Place of Birth:
Blood Type:
Height: 5' 3"
Weight: 43 kg.
Gender: Female
Affiliation: Londo Bell
Allegiance: Londo Bell
Mobile Suit(s):
Character Epithet: The White Devil Incarnate
Character Author: Amuro Ray

Alexiel Ray is a character in the fan fiction MS Gundam: The Lost War Chronicles. She pilots the RX-93-v2 Hi-ν Gundam and the RXLC-45-X Ω Gundam.

Personality and Character:Edit

Alexiel is a very cheerful girl who always wanted everyone to be happy. At a very young age, she knew the troubles and the fate that Earth is facing. Being a top student in St. Louis Academy in Kilimanjaro, she is very intelligent and is somehow adept in Computer technology. In joining the frontlines of war, she develops a nature to never let any children young enough, to enter the world of warfare, as she never wanted anymore innocent dream, crushed just for the purpose of fighting nonsense battles. She retains the traits of a normal female teenager who loves girl stuff, and loves cooking. But as the sequences of the tragic war enters the climax, she now tries to uncover her past, and to know the reason, why her ancestor was revered as "The Hero who saved Earth"

Skills and Abilities:Edit

As the "Centennial-Generation Newtype", she develops a great spatial awareness, to the point of sensing someone's presence at very long distances, to "feel" the good, bad and unwanted intentions of the people around her, and the ability to be uniquely "adaptive", learning and masterfully executing actions, which requires intensive practice and knowledge, in a very short time. Although she is not a very skilled combatant at missions which requires physical strength, she makes up for being very witty and is a very good battojutsu practitioner.

Her mobile suit skills are to be determined, as she has never piloted a MS before, she has troubles in moving a mobile suit and even utilizing it's weapons, making her very vulnerable in combat. But as the time progresses, she is able to determinely utilize her potential as a Newtype, to live up to her ancestor's title in battle.


Alexiel grew up at Colony 7, and is adopted by Ms. Kristine Bow, a descentant of Fraw Bow, who happens to be a close friend of the legendary Amuro Ray. She hates violence, and also hates people who are ruining others for his or her personal sake. As she witnessed her school being attacked by Royal Zeon soldiers, she wanted to do something to help them, and ended up using a mobile suit used by a certain "Hero" centuries ago. When things suddenly became very fateful, she is now torn between two objectives: will she choose to help and stop a war that will end earth's existence? Or will she follow her feelings and uncover the reason why her ancestor chose to die for a corrupted planet, instead of living a peaceful life?


  • Alexiel Ray is known to be an ancestral relative of Amuro Ray.